Action Lab: Create your Open Course Design

Evenement gegevens

During this workshop you will learn more about the potential Open Education has in store for campus education. We will will inspire you how to reuse, revise, remix and/or redistribute educational resources and challenge you to think about how you could design your course in a way that makes full use of its potential and increases effectiveness and efficiency of your course.

The main goal of this workshop is to create a course design in which you integrate OER in an efficient way. You will learn how to use OER in two ways: 1) as educational resources to prepare your course, providing the content your students will need to complete the learning activities and reach the course goals; 2) as artefacts produced by your students, as a product of a learning activity, released as OER.

Pedro Cabral and Leonie Meijerink will support you during this workshop. Both are e-learning developers for the Delft Extension School and have extensive experience in supporting the design and development of courses.

More information and registration

This event is part of the activities during the global Open Education Week 7 to 11 March.


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